Bonaventure’s « Silent Night »

While still working on a new album for 2013, Bonaventure has released a beautiful rendition of the well-known and forever moving Christmas song “Silent Night”.

Silent NightIn fact, and as Dan Smyers said: “We actually chose « Silent Night » because our record label in Japan, Twilight Records, was releasing a compilation of Christmas songs, and requested that we record « Silent Night ». We think the song is beautiful, so we were excited about the opportunity.”

And it was a good choice, Andy and Dan’s voices fit perfectly to the song and give another soft dimension to the lyrics. []

But, what is also interesting in this version is the very emotional video supporting the song. A short movie showing the conflicting relationship between a young teen girl and her deaf-mute father, directed by Patrick Tracy, a talented young director, musician and photographer, friend of Dan and Andy.

Why choosing such a subject to illustrate a Christmas song? Dan gives an answer: “The video content is very heavy and we wanted to tough people’s emotions through not only the song, but the video. I think it is a very powerful message to spread to the world, especially around the holidays.

If you haven’t listen to the song nor watched the video, the only piece of advice I can give you is to click on the above links and, as it is stated at the very end of the video: “Remember to care for those who care for you”.



Mindgame : Le nouvel EP « Dragged Into Dust » est disponible !

Ainsi qu’ils nous l’avaient annoncé il y a quelques jours, les Mindgame ont sorti leur nouvel EP aujourd’hui. Mélange de sonorités rock et electro, avec une subtile touche qui vous fera sans doute penser à Placebo, « Dragged Into Dust » a tout d’un grand.

Vous pouvez l’écouter et le télécharger en version numérique sur Bandcamp à l’adresse qui suit :