Bonaventure: Home – A Moment of Grace

August, 16 is Dan Smyers’s birthday and to celebrate it, he and Andy Albert decided to release a new video to introduce their new song: Home.  A jewel.

It’s impossible to not love this new song at first listening. Home is played acoustic, with only two guitars, two voices and a beautiful melody. It sounds so melancholic and soft that it takes you to another world, a quiet and warm place.

Home was written by both Andy and Dan and as Andy mentions: « The song is about falling in love with somebody and opening up to another. We all have pasts we are necessarily entirely proud of, and are imperfect [There’s newsprint marks outside my door, and dust upon my kitchen floor], but the imperfections are what makes us who we are, and human. This song is about accepting someone entirely and « letting them in ».

The song was born acoustic but Andy adds that « The album version may have a few more musical elements in it, but we have yet to record it, so I can’t tell you exactly what it will be. We definitely want to preserve what is special about this arrangement, and keep the focus on the lyrics ».

And the lyrics are really inspiring, the acoustic version gives them a moving dimension and the song sounds more personal, Andy and Dan tell us their stories and, at the same time, share a part of their life with us.

(Lyrics are on Dan’s Tumblr:

Home will of course be one of the tracks of their upcoming album, as « It’s one of Dan and my favorite songs we have written, and are planning on recording it », Andy says.

The new album will be released « hopefully soon », but both Andy and Dan « are currently writing and putting together the rest of the songs for the record ».

Bonaventure’s sensibility is so palpable that it goes straight to our hearts.

After listening to their new song, will you let them in?


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